We have a special treat coming July 26! 🎷🎶

In-house saxophonist, Ryan, will be releasing beautiful instrumental productions of our original songs "Faith" and "I Will Follow".

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500WEST is a husband and wife Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) team. As songwriters /music makers /creatives, they are living a life of purpose with Jesus at the center of it all. Sharing songs from the heart and giving voice to the soul, they testify to God’s greatness through lyrics and celebrate  His Son through original music. 

Before music became their mission, this duo was no stranger to the trials and tribulations of the world. The sudden tragic death of their only child  left the couple shattered and heartbroken. Let down by the church community in their greatest time of need led to questioning the faith they had always enjoyed. One went down a path of self destruction and recklessness, while the other was alone battling PTSD and depression. Darkness and hopelessness settled in…until Jesus radiated His light within and rescued them both! 

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is life changing.  500WEST invites you to connect with Him through music. Join them on the journey.